About DisabilityMeasures.org

Our goal is to improve the global accessibility of open-access measurement tools for assessment, screening, and research concerning individuals with disabilities. We’re building a clearinghouse and a collaborative platform to help make free and high-quality measurement tools more widely accessible.

One of the barriers to research on disability, particularly in low-resource settings, is the lack of free and high-quality screening tools and instruments.  Typically, proprietary measures are available under a license that requires a payment each time the measure is used. These licenses can become prohibitively expensive, and they limit our ability to share information and work together.

We want to provide an alternative to the proprietary model of licensing measurement tools.  This website will serve as a centralized location for promoting and disseminating freely-available measures relevant to disability.

How you can help

  • Recommend a measure for inclusion on DisabilityMeasures.org.
  • Anyone can contribute, and we’re happy to acknowledge your collaboration.
  • We will include any free measure that is relevant to research concerning persons with disabilities.  (That is, measures are not limited to those assessing impairments, activity limitations, etc.)
  • We want to be objective about quality; measures should be supported by peer-reviewed articles or reputable technical reports.
  • Unless we have explicit permission to host the measure on DisabiltyMeasures.org (via author permission or the measure’s licence), we will provide a description of the measure and a link to the ‘official’ website. We will only include measures that are immediately available on the web.